Ruby Valley Trekking and Expedition - 7 Days Plans Costs and Guides

Ruby Valley Trek Dhading | Trekking Destination Near Kathmandu 

Ruby Valley Trekking Dhading
Ruby Valley Trekking Dhading

If you are exploring the best destinations for trekking near Kathmandu valley, then Ruby Valley is one of the best trek destinations.

The Ruby Valley trek is open for internal and external tourists. Ruby Valley also known for the precious stone Ruby, lies in the Himalayan range of Dhading district.

Unlike the high altitude treks, Ruby Valley is for all of us who cannot trek at high altitudes and longer duration of time. One can explore the beauty of Ruby Valley easily, as traveling is not that challenging. Find out what makes Ruby Valley one of the best trekking destinations for tourists visiting Nepal?

About Ruby Valley

Ruby Valley is a fresh trekking destination for international as well as national tourists in Nepal. Ruby Valley lies in Ruby Valley Rural Municipality of Dhading District, Bagmati Province in Nepal. 

It is considered one of the best trekking and hiking destinations for enthusiasts from Kathmandu or nearby. It is not so far from Kathmandu, an easy and beautiful trekking experience. Explore more about the Ruby Valley and Ruby Valley trekking.

What makes Ruby Valley a trekking destination?

Ruby Valley is a beautiful destination situated in the Dhading district of Nepal. The valley is named after the precious stone Ruby which is red in Colour and valuable and most famous in the Sherpa, Tamang, and Gurung Communities of Nepal.

The altitude of Ruby Valley is only 1,853 m, which is very less than any other high-altitude trek in Nepal. People with altitude sickness can enjoy trekking here. It is a kind of pleasure to enjoy the best Himalayan trekking without any difficulty.

Dhading is one of the nearest destinations to Kathmandu. So, Ruby Valley treks can be completed in very few days, while exploring the beautiful Himalayan Ranges and Himalayan Cultures.

Explorations in Ruby Valley Treks

Himalayan Landscapes and Himalayan Ranges are the most preferred explorations in Ruby Valley. 
Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and Manaslu Ranges are the Himalayan explorations. Winter snowfalls and Spring Rhododendron are fascinating explorations.

Himalayan Civilizations can be explored with less difficulty. In Ruby Valley, most of the ethnic groups are Tamang, Gurung, and a few Sherpas. You can enjoy the cultures and traditions here. 

Bio-diversity with exotic plants, flora, and fauna is another attraction. For high-altitude lovers, pangsang dada hill or pangsang hill pass can be the option with an altitude of more than 4000 m. 

Attractions of Ruby Valley Treks

Some of the fascinating and mind-blowing attractions of Ruby Valley Treks for you.
  • Cultures and Traditions of Tamang and Gurung ethnics
  • Hot Springs and Hilly Landscapes
  • Buddhist Civilizations with Gumbas (monasteries) and temples
  • Exotic Plants and Flora Fauna
  • Yaks, Chyangras, and Bhedas (Lambs)
  • Hilly Landscapes, with Gangajamuna waterfall
  • Ruby- The precious Stone
  • Himalayan Ranges and Landscapes
  • Beautiful Himalayan Forests

Trips, Permits, and Preparations For Ruby Valley Treks


The only airway for the Ruby Valley trip is to book Helicopter from Kathmandu to Ruby Valley. There are no airports in Ruby Valley.

The roadway is the affordable means of trips to Ruby Valley. You can directly book a jeep from Kathmandu to Ruby Valley. Also, you can trip to Ruby Valley from Dhading Besi by bus or jeep. The route starts from Kathmandu to Malekhu and Dhading Besi. After that, Dhading Besi to Syaprubesi and finally Ruby Valley.

Kathmandu - Malekhu - Dhading Besi - Syaprubesi -Ruby Valley

Jeeps are the most preferred means of a trip to Ruby Valley as roads are not black topped and narrow. It can be difficult for bikers due to unstable landforms and it is difficult to carry trekking types of equipment on bikes.

Katunje, Darkha Gaun, Lapa, Gumdi, and Marpaks are some of the famous places on the Ruby Valley trek route. You can see a lot of Jungles, hills, and Rivers on the way to Ruby Valley.


You should have permits for the Ruby Valley Treks. There are two types of Permits for the trekkers. One of the permits is Langtang National Park Permit and the next is the Trekkers Information Management System Permit.
For the Langtang National Park, it costs NRS.1500 (About 15$) for the SAARC Country Nationals and NRS.3000 (About 30$) for others. TIMS permit costs NRS.1000 (About $10).


Preparations must be made for Ruby Valley treks, according to the season, you visit for trekking. The Autumn season can be the best season to visit Ruby Valley as it is a dry season. 

Springs are blessed with unique flowers and the hills become red with the blooming of Rhododendron. It is not advised to visit the  Ruby Valley during Rainy Season as floods and landslides can occur in the high hilly regions and the roadway can be blocked due to obstacles.

Trek in early December is preferred by those who want to enjoy snowfalls, but the preparations must be made according to that.


  • Trekking bags, shoes, gloves, socks, and other trekking equipment.
  • Water purifier chemicals
  • Thick clothes such as jackets and sweaters for winter
  • Cash as there are no ATMs near Ruby Valley. Malekhu, Dhading Besi, and Syabrubesi are the destinations where ATM cards are accessible.
  • You must hire a professional tourist guide if you are foreign. If you are from Nepal, You can hire a tourist guide or take a Ruby Valley trek map with you.

Duration and Itinerary of Trek

It normally takes a day to reach Ruby Valley from Kathmandu. The trek can be of 4-5 average hours per day, as it is difficult to walk in terrain and oxygen level is low in higher Himalayas.
To visit all the places and explore their cultures and traditions, you can plan a full packaged trip of 7 days for Ruby Valley. The trip can be shortened, but you could miss all the attractions and beauty of Ruby Valley.

Itinerary of Ruby Valley Trek

  • Day 1 - Drive Syabrubesi From Kathmandu (8-9) hours drive.
  • Day 2 - Hike Gatlang from Syabrubesi (6-8 hiking hours).
  • Day 3 - Hike  Somdang from Gatlang. The hiking is done via Yuri Kharka.
  • Day 4 - Hike to Tipling from Somdang. Explorations of Pangsang Pass and Ganesh Himal to Langtang National Park and Langtang Himal.
  • Day 5 - Hiking From Tipling to Sertung/Chalis.
  • Day 6 -  Hiking to Darkha Gaun from Chalis.
  • Day 7 - Darkha Gaun to Dhading Besi and Departure to Kathmandu after 3 hours ride.

Food and Lodging in Ruby Valley

There are some hotels that provide you quality food and lodging with proper hospitality. The local hotels can offer you local dishes such as Dhindo with local vegetables.
For ones, who don't prefer hotels, there are homestays in Ruby Valley. The homestay is a beautiful experience to explore the Tamang and Gurung Cultures. Homestays are well managed with proper hospitality and treatment with a quality and healthy foods.

Local Liquors and Tongba are attractions for tourists. You can also get branded liquors but can be costly due to geographical conditions and long road trips to bring the goods. We do not recommend liquors.

Yak pints of milk and teas are a must-taste while visiting Ruby Valley and  Churpi, which is solidified Yak milk is preferred by many tourists.

Total Costs For Ruby Valley Trek

The total costs may include transportation costs, food, and accommodations, with lunches and permit costs. It costs about 300$ for a complete trek to Ruby Valley. The costs might vary according to the transportation means, Porter/guides charges, and other facilities.
For Nepali Citizens, it can be less, as per the facilities you acquire. More the trekkers, less the costs for an individual but it is preferred to trek 6-8 for a great and beautiful experience.

Trek Offering and Managing Companies

A lot of travel and tourism companies now offer and manage treks to Ruby Valley. These are some trekking companies you can contact for trekking and trip management to Ruby Valley.

Ruby Valley Maps and Guidances

One needs information about Ruby Valley and proper guidance for trekking in Ruby Valley. We'll provide you some guidance and information.

 Ruby Valley  Trek Map

You can make a routine for your daily trekking activities and plan your finance for the trek, from this map.
Ruby Valley Trek Dhading
Ruby Valley Trek Map


  • Trek with proper plans.
  • Check the fuels in your vehicles.
  • Pack all the necessary clothes and equipment.
  • Pack all the medications, you are taking.
  • Make a routine for your daily trekking activities and trekking routes.
  • Follow the maps and guides.
  • Collaborate with the cultures and traditions.
  • Go trekking with first aid.


Contact the information officer of Ruby Valley Rural Municipality and get to know about visiting Ruby Valley for the trek.

Bipin Tamang - Information officer, Ruby Valley Rural Municipality
Mobile No.-9860401340


Have a wonderful journey to one of the fresh and most exciting trekking journeys. Find the exciting civilization of Ruby Valley and explore the culture and traditions of people in Ruby Valley. Trip with a proper plan and enjoy your trekking to the fullest.
Share this article and help us to promote tourism in Nepal. Find the astonishing experience of a short trekking trip to Ruby Valley. 
Get to know about the tourism activities in Ruby Valley.

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